Pokemon Go encourages you to fight your friends in the new trainer battles


When Pokemon Go adds trainer battles, you can overcome distance to fight people with the power of friendship. No, really; while normally you can only fight people nearby, Best Friends and Ultra Friends can initiate trainer battles even from far away. The people you like the most are the people you can always set to work dismantling if you so desire. Or at least the people with whom you can share a rousing battle and associated rewards.

Players will pit teams of three Pokemon against one another, divided into three different leagues of battle (either limited to 1500 CP, 2500 CP, or without limits). Completing a battle earns rewards including rare evolution materials. Players can also take on the three team leaders in battle, which earn additional rewards including Stardust once per day. So get ready to prove yourself the very best by beating the snot out of your friends’ pets.