Wildcard’s new MMO Atlas has been delayed a week for polish


When Studio Wildcard and friends announced a full-scale, 40,000-person MMO called Atlas last week, we were all excited. When they announced it was launching – into early access – this Thursday, we were leaning more on the skeptical and surprised side of things.

And for good reason, apparently. Wildcard announced this morning that it’s holding off a week.

“After thinking carefully over the past several days, we’ve decided to delay the ATLAS launch until December 19th to give the team more time to run through this massive game’s extensive content,” Wildcard and Grapeshot say. “It’s a vast virtual world out there across the ATLAS, and the team’s going to use that extra time to review every portion of it thoroughly. We’re sorry about the delay, and we know how much everyone is looking forward to establishing their empires!”

Source: Steam

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