Kickstarted MMORPG Crowfall is preparing to test its first real campaign

Neigh. Is that the sound elk make? We honestly don't know.

Crowfall’s on a “fast track” to its first campaign, ArtCraft says. Getcher “it’s happening” gifs: “After a few weeks of testing, our final pre-alpha milestone (lovingly numbered ‘version 5.8’ and colloquially referred to as the ‘First Campaign Milestone’) is getting ever-closer to being a fully playable Throne War experience!”

All right, so what the heck is that? ArtCraft has helpfully released a summary of what to expect. For starters, every backer has access to the test server now, though it’s not always up. The first campaign is basically the rollout of time-limited campaign servers with multiple continents, capturable territory, PvP hotspots, building mat nodes, siege and destruction mechanics, leaderboards, seasons, diurnal cycles, and the “hunger contagion” to speed the campaign along and bring it to a conclusion – and a winner.

This isn’t the live environment build, but we’re inching closer; that’s on the way once the testing is further along. Expect 5.8 in the next month. It’s all good news for anybody worried over the soft launch delays the game has suffered.

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