Conan Exiles launches Seekers of the Dawn DLC, but don’t expect a winter event


Conan Exiles isn’t doing Christmas, but it is launching a new DLC. It’s called The Seekers of the Dawn, and it focuses on the eastern kingdom of Yamatai. This means you can expect katanas and yumi and the Yamatai building set for creating your very own Japanese flavored castle. Pets and armor and warpaint are on the docket too. It’s $9.99 and live for PC players on Steam right now.

OK, so that whole Christmas thing? Not just a throwaway line. “We’ve noticed that some of you have been asking for a Christmas holiday event and we would have loved to create one for you,” Funcom says in today’s community post. “However, we did learn from the mistakes with our Halloween event and would like to have a few more tools in place before we run new events. Additionally, we are currently 100% dedicated to improving outstanding needed improvements to the core game mechanics as can be seen on the new patch as well as on testlive in the coming weeks. We did not want to run the risk of introducing additional, new things so close to Christmas vacation.”

The rest of the letter covers VOIP improvements, efforts combating exploits, building optimization, Purge tweaks, and adjustments to AI.

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