Ashes of Creation introduces new community manager, promising better communication

Super, good call.

The whole Ashes of Creation issue with the game’s website and forums involved no small number of people pointing out that Intrepid Studios is not doing communication well. So it seems that the newest addition to the team is meant to specifically address that, with new community marketing lead Margaret Krohn introducing herself on Reddit with a call for players to ask her questions even as she outlined her plans for the game’s community presence moving forward.

Krohn, a 13-year veteran of the industry, has detailed intentions to make sure that the team behind the game is communicating information effectively to the community, with a strong stated belief that all information should flow outward from the central website. She also stresses that she believes in having a Reddit moderated by fan community rather than by the company, which is a task being managed behind the scenes between Intrepid Studios and the moderators. You can check out her full introduction thread for more details; she promises to have more information to share during the previously announced live stream on Friday.

In the interests of full disclosure, it should be noted that the writer of this piece and Ms. Krohn both worked at Curse Media on the video production team in 2015.
Source: Reddit; thanks to Leiloni for the tip!
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