World of Warcraft smacks Monks, Shamans, and Druids with PvP nerfs

When you really want to fight over things, you can find reasons.

To help bring some fairness and balance to the relentless, never-ending warfare of World of Warcraft, the folks at Blizzard have recently made some changes to the performance of Monks, Shamans, and Druids in PvP. Mistweaver Monks have received some substantial nerfs to two of their PvP talents, Surging Mist and Way of the Crane, the former of which now costs a bit more and heals for 20% less, and the latter of which now increases physical damage by only 25% (rather than 35%) and heals for 150% of damage dealt rather than 200%.

Elemental Shamans have likewise gotten a bonk with the nerf bat: Earth Shock damage has been reduced by 10%, and the Lightning Bolt damage bonus granted by Stormbringer is now 115%, down from 125%. In addition, Surge of Power can now cause only two additional Lightning Bolt overloads against enemy players, not three.

And to round out the nerf-bat hat trick, Balance Druids have taken a few hits as well. Celestial Alignment’s spell-damage bonus is now 10%, down from 15%, while the damage bonus from Incarnation: Chosen of Elune has dropped from 25% to 18%. The Astral Power generated by Shooting Stars has been cut in half as well, now producing only two power instead of four. Our condolences to those whose classes have been irrevocably and, we’re sure, completely unjustifiably ruined by these changes. We hope you’ll pull through.

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Those tyrannical ele shams have been running pvp for… lol nvm I can’t even type this with a straight face.

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Richard de Leon III

and this is why i hate pvp in my pve game, balance passes like this kill my desire to play.


Just curious -how does this effect your pve game? These are PvP changes (only active when engaging other players)

Jaymes Buckman

Because he knows! He can feel it in his bones when he’s running Mythic keystones!

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Paragon Lost

The nerfs to Balance druids look to affect damage in general and not pvp focused. My balance druid as an aside gets blown out of the water dps wise in comparison to my wife’s subtle rogue with the same ilevel of gear. Also the nerf to shaman appears to be a general nerf as well to damage output.

The only pvp nerf in the article appears to be directed at monks from what I can see.


PvE and PvP are balanced separately. As these are designated PvP nerfs, they won’t affect PvE in any way.

Adam tecnavia

Add to that the fact that blizzard NEVER wants balance. Their inability to actually have balanced classes once points to the fact that their goal is to always have winners and losers, thus creating drama.