Blizzard and Netease will be cranking out games together at least until 2023


Chinese gaming giant Netease has popped up in the news over and over this past year. It poured money into SpatialOS and is building a VR MMO called Nostos. It’s working with CCP on EVE China and helping to develop EVE Project Galaxy. It got tied up in one of PUBG Corp.’s many lawsuits last year and threatened a few of its own. It just plopped a big check down for the former Blizz devs working at Second Dinner.

And of course, it’s partnered with Blizzard every which way for the last 11 years, from Overwatch China and OWL to World of Warcraft China and the infamous Diablo Immortal itself.

Don’t expect that partnership to wane anytime soon, either. Blizzard and Netease announced this week that they’ve actually extended their partnership another four years, to January 2023.

“We’re pleased to continue our successful partnership with Blizzard after more than a decade of close cooperation,” Netease CEO William Ding says. “The scope of our collaboration is now deeper and broader than ever before. We’re confident that together we will continue to bring even more exciting game experiences to players worldwide.”

Source: Gamasutra
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