Albion Online adds in anti-cheat software with its latest patch


Cheating is bad in MMOs; we all know and accept this as a reality. Programs you don’t really know about being installed on your computer are also bad. So the good news is that Albion Online adding Easy Anti-Cheat to the game is that players are informed ahead of time and know that it will be installed along with the game’s latest update, with the program activating next week. Is its inclusion a good thing in general? The jury’s still out on that one.

Developers claim that it shouldn’t affect performance and did not during internal testing, and it’s already used by other prominent online games to ensure that the most obvious hacking methods don’t work. Whether or not that will track with actual player experience remains to be seen, of course; at this point players will just need to wait until next week and hope for the best. So less cheating is definitely good, but the means of getting there are… well, let’s just say “rocky.”


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I’m okay with it as long as it shuts down IMMEDIATELY when I shut the game down. It has no business running even one second when I’m not playing the game. Many of these “safe softwares” love to continue to run when the game is off. That I will not accept and will stop playing the associated game(s) immediately.