Love and war collide in Black Desert Online’s latest update

Similar to teamwork.

Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, the latest Black Desert Online update has something for you. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the update introduces the Be My Love event, which gives players the opportunity to complete special quests and cook up buff-granting chocolates, and the Show Your Love event, in which players are tasked with making friends (or more) with certain NPCs for the chance to earn a variety of romantic rewards.

But if you’re less for holding hands and more for throwing them, you can also hunt down some of the Dark Rifts that are spawning throughout the game world and spewing forth boss monsters consumed by the Black Spirit. Felling these fearsome foes will reward players with Dark Spirit’s Greed, which can be exchanged for a variety of useful items such as Valks’ Cries and Krogdalo’s Origin Stone.

In addition, for the next two weeks, players can take part in a special countdown event leading up to the official release of the game’s Shadow Arena battle royale mode on February 27th. Each day, players will be tasked with completing a different mission in the Shadow Arena, such as killing a certain number of monsters, surviving for a specified amount of time, and so on. For each mission completed, players will receive a valuable Golden Dagger, and all players who manage to complete 10 of these special daily missions will be rewarded with a Fine Accessory Box II.

For the full details on these events and all the new features introduced with the latest update, be sure to check out the complete patch notes over at the game’s official site.

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