Old School RuneScape talks player behavior, improving PvP, and fixing old content in a Q&A


A beefy Q&A video from the devs of Old School RuneScape offered up an opportunity to discuss a variety of matters relevant to the sandbox MMORPG’s community. Before taking questions from fans, several of the game mods offered some responses to comments spawned from a blog post made last week, elaborating further on the team’s plans for OSRS.

One of the first touchpoints mention the concept of toxicity in the game, and the devs agreed that the blog post could have perhaps used a better term instead of what was called an “industry term.” The team asked for feedback on what players of OSRS consider to be toxic.

On the topic of fixing old content, the devs confirmed received feedback that players want larger reworks of existing content rather than quality-of-life tweaks. While hard plans on what is being targeted for these types of updates weren’t offered, there was a promise that some planning in that direction will be underway.

The devs then moved on to PvP improvements that would be more substantial to the game, admitting that getting a broader sample of feedback — especially from players who left PvP or who have never played PvP — is the first step, essentially finding out if players want more people to kill or more people to fight. That said, the devs are aware of false feedback from PK’ers who merely want more soft targets to feast upon, which they feel is ultimately not something that will strengthen PvP in the long term.

There are other talking points as well, including account security, player support, and poll matters, along with the actual Q&A content of course. It’s all in the embed below.

source: YouTube
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