Here’s a quick glimpse of Star Wars The Old Republic’s new guild heraldry and character preview tools


When 5.10.2: Heralds of Victory launches in Star Wars: The Old Republic next month, it’ll drop some quality-of-life tweaks that were originally promised in the update before. Among those are guild heraldry and character preview pane. Dulfy’s put together a pair of videos showing off exactly how they’ll look in-game. Guild leaders will be able to edit both the symbol itself and a few other details, like the colors and background. And the preview window looks much more like the one you’ll find in other major MMORPGs now, with mount and animation previews, not just outfits.

By the way, if you were concerned that EA might be about to axe the game or BioWare, here’s a comfort: The company is still advertising SWTOR’s community cantina events in the Star Wars Celebration newsletters.

Check out Dulfy’s vids below!

Source: Dulfy
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“By the way, if you were concerned that EA might be about to axe the game or BioWare…”
Concerned? No. Hopeful, yes. I’d love to see the game canceled and the IP be picked up by a developer who can treat it right.

Ozius X

Now if only they could change the engine.


I like the preview window, in any MMO, i was happy to find that WoW at last started showing pets and mounts in the window, i remember EQ2 also have the same feature but for everything including housing items.

Maybe .. just maybe i’ll go back to SWTOR, i wanted to that, i even made a character to save a name.


Dulfy is a goddess, just sayin!