Survival MMO Population Zero dishes on guilds and crafting workbenches

Slightly higher than zero.

Survival sandbox MMO Population Zero is continuing its information barrage this week with another dev blog and Reddit Q&A intended to shed some light on how the game’s systems work.

The Q&A focuses on clans – that is, guilds. Enplex Games explains that while clans may opt to stay factionless, members must be of the same faction to join the same clan. Clans will be able to build joint construction projects, though not individual projects within the shared territory. That said, personal housing is available in the game, as is the destruction of other guilds’ bases. The studio also says that painted guild gear is “planned post-release.”

The dev blog homes in on crafting specifically and the tools you’ll need to build anything.

“To create basic equipment your two hands are more than enough, but creating a stone tool isn’t enough to defend yourself against the dangers of Kepler or against other players. Anything more significant is impossible to make on your own and that’s when different crafting benches come into play. Crafting benches allow higher-level items to be crafted and that improves colonist’s quality of life significantly. The benches differ in many ways. Some of them are suited for culinary, others to craft armor. You can even build a chemical lab.”

Source: QA, dev blog
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