Dreadlands ventures into the turn-based apocalypse with ‘online elements of an MMO’


When the world comes to an end, we’ll just have to take it in stride — one turn at a time.

It’s certainly been a while since the gaming world has seen an isometric turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG, but steel yourself for mild Fallout flashbacks when you lay your eyes on the upcoming Dreadlands. Created by Blackfox Studios and coming to the gaming world in 2019, Dreadlands invites players to form a gang and venture out into the shared world of Krater.

Blackfox founder Peter Nilsson said that he was inspired by older games like X-Com and wanted to bring that style of play to an online setting: “With Dreadlands we want to take the online elements of an MMO or a shared world shooter and combine it with addictive turn-based gameplay.”

Dreadlands has a distinctive cel-shaded look, reminiscent of Borderlands (which is also making news as of late). Both PvE and PvP content was mentioned, as well as base building and an “epic story-driven campaign.” The title will be shown off this coming weekend at EGX Rezzed and is taking up shop on Steam.

Source: Dreadlands. Thank Karl!

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Bomb rats!
Very excited!


I’ve seen turn-based combat in some MMOs like Atlantica Online. But I wonder what a MMO would look like if turn-based mechanics (or semi-turn-based) was applied to EVERYTHING.

Would that make it more fun? Or would it turn into annoying dogshit?


I saw that first screenshot and had to doublecheck I wasn’t looking at Mutant Year Zero. Which is no bad thing, as post-apocalyptic isometric turn-based RPGs like the first two Fallout games, the Wasteland games, and MYZ are one of my favourite genres!


“It’s certainly been a while since the gaming world has seen an isometric turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG”

someone missed out on atom rpg.


“Dreadlands has a distinctive cel-shaded look, reminiscent of Borderlands”
It’s more than just cel-shading that makes it look similar, it’s the entire design aesthetic. In the same sense Wildstar was WoW-in-space.


I would like to see more turn based mmos out there – mmos though in specific. Variety is what keeps boredom at bay and if all use same basic elements then every mmo feels very similar. The trend right now is fast action mmorpgs and eventually will cause fatigue