Path of Exile squishes some bugs, adds new cosmetics, and shows off player hideouts


It’s a bundle of updates out of Path of Exile as the Synthesis League continues to roll on, so let’s hop right in to things, shall we?

First up: Grinding Gear Games has plans to crank out a patch to take down some bugs, including a fix for some game crashes, improved performance for Storm Brand, and a spawn bug for Distant Memories among other things. This update is due at some point this week, with a console release due as soon as possible.

The same post also provided a look at some new cosmetics for your avatar to dress up in. The Darkprism Set features a new pet, helmet attachment, cloak, and weapon skin done up in the style of the Shaper, so expect a bunch of gears and wheels and glowy bits.

Finally, the devs have decided to shine a spotlight on several player-made hideouts. As is often the case when players are granted the freedom to create their own things, these player houses are pretty impressive so you’ll certainly want to have a gander.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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Cyclone Jack

Some of the hideouts that people make boggle my mind. Great stuff.