Star Trek Online kicks off a new event with a free Tier 6 ship coupon as a reward

Yes, any ship, and yes, that's a big deal

Boldly gone.

It’s hard to find a single player inĀ Star Trek Online who would say no to a free Tier 6 ship with no strings attached; these things are valuable. That’s why they’re available in the game’s cash shop, after all. But the new Task Force event that’s running in the game with Operation: Riposte is giving you a chance to buy one of those ships for no money down or… well, ever. Earn 3,000 points on the event track, and you get a coupon good for a T6 ship completely for free.

Of course, that’s not going to happenĀ tomorrow; there’s a reason the event is running until the fall, and as it stands you can get 50 points of progress once per day through Operation: Riposte. (For those of you bad at the math, that’s 60 days to get that coupon, or basically getting that one task force in once per day every day for two months.) Still, there are other rewards available from this first major offensive in the war against the Klingons in the 23rd century, and players can even check out the lore about Priors World on the official site. So you’re still getting plenty out of it along the way to the free ship.

Source: Official Site, Lore; thanks to Panagiotis and Mark for the tips!
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