World of Warcraft updates companion app with guild and community chat and calendars

Swipe left.

If you guys do, in fact, have phones, you are exactly the target audience for the latest update arriving for the companion app for World of Warcraft. If you don’t have a phone it’s not going to do much for you, since it’s an app for your phone. But if you do, now you’ll be able to talk in guild and community chat channels right from that phone! Modern communications are amazing.

You can also check in on the calendar for any upcoming guild or community events, as well as checking on other in-game events like holidays and the like. It’s a useful way to keep in touch even when you’re not playing the game, so those of you with a need for more communication options will be happy that you can now use your phone to chat with WoW friends even while you play some other game on your computer. We all have cell phones, so come on, let’s get real.

Source: Twitter
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