City of Titans’ primer gets you up to speed on this superhero MMO


With City of Titans picking up development steam, the team figured that this would be an opportune time to put out a primer to clearly and succinctly lay out what this City of Heroes spiritual successor is all about. So it was thought, so it was done.

Part of the primer’s function is to clarify some confusing points, such as whether City of Titans is part of the Titan Network (it is not). The primer reads like a FAQ, covering subjects such as the setting, NPC factions, something called “aesthetic decoupling” (basically, choosing whatever visuals you want to go with your powers), and how the all-volunteer team is working to make this game.

While there is no release window posted, the team said that it’s currently testing software needed to move the game into Issue 0, which will include the avatar builder, chat functionality, and starting island zone.

Even if you’re intimately familiar with this project, there might be a few details here worth extracting.  Intrigued by this game? Here are five reasons that we are excited about City of Titans.

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