Dauntless launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Games Store with full crossplay functionality


It’s been a long and occasionally bumpy road for Phoenix Labs’ free-to-play action-MMORPG Dauntless since it was first announced back in 2016, but after a year-long open beta, the title is officially launching on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 today. The game makes its console debut replete with all the content currently available in the PC version of the game, which is now available through the Epic Games Store, and thanks to the game’s “One Dauntless” crossplay initiative, players can “take their Dauntless account[s] with them wherever they go” and “team up with others around the world regardless of their platform of choice.”

Dauntless’s official release also coincides with the beginning of the game’s fifth Hunt Pass season, Silent Blades, which “transforms the world of Dauntless into a Moon Blossom Festival” and gives Slayers the opportunity to earn an array of exclusive rewards, including “a huge variety of gear to flaunt their inner ninja.” Although Dauntless has already had quite the journey over the course of its open beta, the adventure has only just begun. Post-launch, players can look forward to the ongoing “massive campaign rework,” which brings sweeping improvements to almost every aspect of the game, “from questing and crafting to meeting other Slayers and pursuing Behemoths.”

Although the game’s forums are still offline (and will remain so for “at least a month,” the game itself is back from its two-day downtime and ready to roll. If you want to test your monster-slaying mettle, you can jump into the Shattered Isles for free by downloading Dauntless on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the Epic Games Store right now.

Source: Press Release
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