Black Desert’s Underwater Ruins expansion is live today, with Star’s End planned for June 5


As promised, Black Desert’s western PC version is under water this week, literally, thanks to the Underwater Ruins expansion that’s just washed ashore as of this morning along with new baddies, loot, and three explorable areas, plus the Call of the Ocean event.

“The human world is a mess, life under the sea is better than anything they got up there, that is why adventurers should visit the new Underwater Ruins available to explorers from today! Along with this, a new watery event will start that will allow players to complete special quests in this new zone for exquisite rewards! […] Enjoy the new expansion and remember that under the sea we got no troubles, life is bubbles!”

Don’t think Kakao and Pearl Abyss are done, though: The studios are next gearing up for the planned release of Star’s End, “a new area themed after the infamous world-boss Kzarka and is located in the western area of Calpheon,” and its concomitant Blackstar weapons quest. Expect that on June 5th.

Stay tuned for our biweekly Black Desert column, Desert Oasis, coming this afternoon!

Source: Patch notes

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For those not aware the Blackstar weapon is basically their latest attempt to scrap that barrel of cash from the game’s whales they’ve now enabled.

Essentially when you upgrade a weapon from +1 -> +20 (PEN) you can then infuse Caphras energy into the weapon. There’s multiple levels of Caphras Energy and basically makes the weapon like a +21 weapon after you’ve invested many billions of raw silver into Caphras. It’s a sort of continued progression mechanic even if you have been playing for 3 years and got PEN you still have Caphras Energy to work on.

How the Blackstar weapons work is they can’t be infused with Caphras energy. Instead the weapon just naturally has it infused into each tier, but it is vastly more difficult to enhance than a normal boss weapon. So a PEN Blackstar is on par with a PEN Kzarka with maxed out Caphras Energy. The idea here is the whales can just swipe that credit card and melt costumes into cron stones so they can gamble enhance without penalties while not worrying about having to invest into Caphras. The other bonus is they make all your other weapons have a unique skin cause as Bree says everyone is playing for online dress up.


Exactly why I don’t play this anymore. What you have in a game should be earned in the game, and that includes consumables and cosmetics.

Matthäus Wey

So you’d prefer P2P then?