Latest Legends of Aria experimental server patch introduces Colossal mini-bosses

Bear with us!

A new patch has hit the Legends of Aria experimental server, bringing with it a brand-new type of PvE encounter in the form of Colossals. As the name implies, Colossals are significantly larger versions of enemies that spawn randomly throughout the lands of New Celeador. Requiring a 7- to 10-person team to take down, Colossals will provide a substantial challenge to players’ “teamwork and combat prowess.” Each of these massive mini-bosses will use entirely new monster AI that has “different ‘stages’ of combat they will progress through as the fight wears on.”

Although the Colossals are live and in the game as we speak, it’s worth noting that they’re still under active development, and so they’re still not quite as polished as the devs would like them to be. The team has tested the Colossals internally, but of course no one is quite as good at breaking things as players are, and the devs invite the Legends of Aria to do their best to break the Colossals and report their findings. Also, Colossals will eventually have “unique loot tables that will make them a new source of both cosmetic and combat based items,” but those items haven’t yet been implemented yet, so right now, players will be fighting Colossals purely for the thrill of the hunt and the joy of victory. The update also brings a number of additional tweaks to the experimental server, the details of which you can find in the full patch notes over on the game’s official site.

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