Crowfall previews outpost respawn mechanics and temple hubs


PvP MMORPG Crowfall’s pushed out a juicy chunk of info this week in both text and video form, giving more context to the world testers are romping around in during the ongoing Maeve campaign.

First, ArtCraft has posted a dev blog on tweaks to the game’s capture system. The team says its goal is to “highlight opportunities for conflict” by gently nudging people to fight fight fight during times when populations are peaking anyway. Of course, just setting siege windows isn’t enough; the game also needs to incentivize conflict by creating something “worth defending” in the first place. In this specific case, ArtCraft has essentially increased the benefits of holding onto an outpost with respawn areas.

“One of the more exciting prospects this brings to the table is an opportunity for conflict over an always vulnerable respawn area. Without a respawn area in the zone, Crows are forced to travel through the runegates to another zone where they have a refuge or return all the way to their faction’s beachhead base. Either option means that the efforts of the encroaching forces are unlikely to receive refreshed troops in a timely manner. By maintaining vigil over the outpost, the defending forces complete their lockout of an area. Losing the outpost offers their enemies an uncomfortably close staging ground for their assaults.”

Second, ArtCraft pushed out a video deep-dive on the game’s temples, which are sort of like banking and trading hubs. Check that one out for yourself below!

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