Sci-fi strategy MMORPG Destiny’s Sword is seeking $22K on Kickstarter


We’ve been covering Destiny’s Sword for over a year now, since we first took a curious peek back at GDC 2018 and followed it up at this year’s PAX East. Developer 2Dogs Games calls it a “genre-bending, epic sci-fi, strategy/combat MMORPG, featuring unprecedented player interaction where every choice matters.” And it matters a great deal, as players are literally managing their squad’s psychology and mental health as they navigate the “long term consequences of conflict” both PvE and PvP. Guys, this game lets you throw funerals for your fallen characters – to make your other characters feel better. This is heavy stuff, and we don’t really have anything quite like it.

And now it’s on Kickstarter. 2Dogs is seeking roughly $22,000 to “stabilize [its] cashflow between payments from our funders” as it seeks “the right publishing and/or investment partner to help [it] stabilize [its] cash flow and assist with distribution outside of North America.” Stretch goals aren’t formally up yet, but the team says it’s hoping to add a range of immersive content, from voice acting and mo-capping to customization and dynamic mission map creation.

Beta is planned for spring of 2020, though the studio says it’ll be showing at PAX West this summer too. Check out some of our past coverage of the game so far!

Source: Kickstarter. Cheers, Hikari!

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I like the art style. I like the idea of forming and maintaining relationships and wellbeing with your squad.

What I wasn’t blown away by was the in game video showing four squads fighting an ED-209 that part was fairly meh..

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Alex Willis

Looks like fun, but also a longshot.


It looks cool as an idea and all info I seen so far point to the direction of being a MMO Strategy game with some RPG features. I mean I dont see the RPG part much in it. Even some games they reference arent full mmorpgs so I dont think it should be pitched as such. I think it will be a unique lobby based tactical strategy mmo with good chances of success