PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds unveils plans for improving Erangel’s visuals

Bad taste?

As more maps are added to a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the older maps inevitably start looking a bit… well… old. Erangel was the first map in the game, and unfortunately it has gotten a bit long in the tooth, so the development team has been hard at work making the map more appealing to play. The video below shows off the first preview of this new map, with improved building styles, terrains, and a generally more interesting layout.

The map is scheduled to hit the live servers later this summer, but you can test it on the game’s test server in the immediate future to see how the whole thing holds up in play. There’s also a full development update video detailing the changes being made to the game moving forward, if having a shiny map update alone isn’t enough to delight you.

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Jeremy Barnes

I don’t play battle royales, but from the news coverage, I always see things from pubg that are “improving visuals, fixing bugs” or “We’re suing someone” while fortnite seems to be “new content”. Makes me wonder if that’s why fortnite is so much more popular.