Black Desert’s new hot air balloons are a boon for explorers


Ya know, we might have forgiven Pearl Abyss and Kakao if they’d decided to phone it on on this week’s Black Desert update. This week, the companies announced a PS4 port, new expansion, and new class, plus mobile, all coming in the back half of the year. It was already a lot.

But players are seeing a patch today anyway. The headline content is… balloons. Sky balloons. We call them hot air balloons ’round here.

“The Old Moon Sky Balloon has been created to help new adventurers who had a difficult time exploring the vast world of Black Desert,” PA writes. “You can now move from city to city more conveniently by hopping onto the Old Moon Sky Balloon. Try taking a flight from Calpheon to Mediah, and get a view of the lands from high above. How about you take a special journey today with a friend on board the sky balloon?”

If you’re already wondering how you can exploit this to safely move trade goods around, save your brain cells: No trade items allowed.

The patch also adds new Subjugation Quests to the Hexe Sanctuary and Mediah region.

Source: Patch notes
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BDO has very detailed & well-built areas. Farmlands look very busy, tall forests look lush and mysterious, and warzones have that sense of dread with them. Exploration is something rewarding in this game.


And for a second I thought…

Such a missed opportunity to possibly have your own balloon! :/

Getting stuck in a tree; trying to climb it down; went on to pay a whole little village to haul it down and transport it to the next city to repair it; very very slow ballon air dogfights; “Just you wait! When the wind changes direction, I’ll gonna getcha!”… XD


More opportunity for ranged classes to be OP?


So you would be interested in that idea of, quote: “very very slow ballon air dogfights”, if that would be your only concern?! XD

Easily amendable by only allowing “balloon tackling”, only onboard weapons (throwing its limited amount of sandbags ;P) or even only boarding to Insult Sword Fight… ;P