Star Trek Online considers ‘the account as the player’

She has ideas.

There’s a hot phrase bouncing around the Star Trek Online community these days, and that is “the account as the player.” This comes from both an interview and a recent Reddit AMA in which Cryptic highlighted that it is trying to develop events and rewards that benefit a player’s entire account (as much as possible) instead of individual characters.

“[This] is still something we want to strive towards when it makes sense for the game as a business,” said Lead Systems Designer Jeremy Randall. “These days we default to wanting to make it an account unlock. The situations in which we can’t come down to economic concerns.”

This quote is particularly relevant in light of a recent phoenix prize pack event that has some players salty over its perceived mishandling and excessive grind. Cryptic said that it wasn’t its intention to “inflict burnout on players” and is trying to streamline the event system as it goes into the future.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Panagiotis!
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