Fallout 76 adjusts Nuclear Winter balance, squashes a whole bunch of bugs

Speaking of deaths and looping...

Fallout 76’s recently introduced Nuclear Winter battle royale mode graduates from pre-beta to beta today as Bethesda rolls out the game’s latest patch, which brings with it a handful of Nuclear Winter balance adjustments as well as an extensive list of bug fixes for both of its game modes. With the update, Nuclear Winter contestants can now customize their appearances by favoriting one Underarmor, one Headwear item, and one Outfit in the Atomic Shop for use during Nuclear Winter matches.

The devs have also adjusted item drops to make Automatic Combat Rifles lootable from Small Supply Crates and Submachine Guns lootable from Medium Supply Crates, and they’ve also tweaked the Supply Crate density in some areas that were getting more spawns than were intended. The Dead Man Sprinting perk has been redesigned as well, and now it causes a 25% reduction in the rate of Action Point drain while under 30% health. And on top of that, the patch also implements a huge array of bug fixes for both adventure mode and Nuclear Winter, the details of which you can find in the full patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes
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