World of Warcraft developers are working on changes for rare spawns and the Battle for Nazjatar


The launch of patch 8.2 for World of Warcraft was just about a week ago, but it turns out there are some lingering issues and balance problems. For example, even after all the time spent testing on test server, there’s a rather notable issue with rare spawns dying too quickly for players to even tap them, resulting in a number of planned changes. Quests requiring a rare kill have been reduced to just one kill, health and scaling values are being improved for rares, and world quest bosses will no longer falsely display with the silver dragon border.

Similar problems exist with the PvP event, Battle of Nazjatar, which was being pointed out as having a serious problem with lopsided matchups on roughly the same day that the patch launched. To address this, the event will now only start when roughly equal numbers of both Alliance and Horde players in War Mode are near the event; failing that, players will instead be treated to a PvE event to take out a number of elite Naga guards. The event is also available to players not in War Mode, so everyone can enjoy taking on the Naga.

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