Lord of the Rings Online shares its huge Update 24 soundtrack


One of the more underrated contributions to the MMORPG music scene these days is coming from a guy you may never have heard of: Bill Champagne. For a good while now, Champagne has been pumping out incredible music for Lord of the Rings Online (and, recently, Dungeons and Dragons Online’s latest expansion). And not just a little music, either, but full albums’ worth of contributions to the score with each update.

With the release of Update 24: Vales of Anduin this past month, Lord of the Rings Online also added 24 new tracks to the game. Huh… 24, 24. There’s a pleasing symmetry with that. In any case, Standing Stone Games wants you to discover this music as well, which is why the studio posted the full soundtrack to YouTube for your enjoyment. We’ve posted it after the link, as well as the Masterminds of Sharn score that Champagne helped to create!

Source: Twitter
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