OrbusVR introduces a hard mode raid and lays out its roadmap for the remainder of the year


The plucky little VR MMO OrbusVR just keeps the hits coming. Hot off the heels of its Ruins of Guild City raid, players can now take on the hard mode edition and can look forward to a lot more goodness to come as 2019 closes out.

Patch 10.97 has opened up the gates to Guild City Hard, which promises five unique bosses and involved battle mechanics. Clearing this new version of the raid will grant players some powerful gold-foil equipment, a unique cape, and a special mount. The update will also let players assign an entire equipment loadout to a single weapon and deposit all ingredients in their inventory to a chest or crafting facility in their home with the single press of a button.

That’s for the here and now, but if you’re curious what’s next beyond that, then there’s a Q3-Q4 roadmap to consider. Players of OrbusVR can expect new hairstyles, Shaman class fixes, and a Harvest Festival in Highesteppe in the near future, while two new dungeons, a second raid, the new Tinkerer class, and the first phase of player housing customization will arrive later in the year.

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Just shut it down, be quiet about it for a while and eventually people will stop bringing it up at parties. The time for social erasure is now. Don’t tarry Orbas – or whatever your name is.


I’m curious what you’re implying, Armsbend. I ask because Orbusvr is on my interest radar, but is the game known for being decently good? Small/indie, content light, or just straight bad?

John Mclain

It’s not very good, largely because it caters to the lowest common denominator. That is to say the graphics are laughably bad in order to draw in the ultra-low-end VR users, and features are similar.

The main reason this game even gets a passing mention is because it is currently the only actual mmo style game for VR. (Others are coming or in alpha states, but they are still too early in development.)