The Daily Grind: Have you ever forgotten about an MMO character you played?


MOP’s Tyler dropped an amusing remark in our work chat a while back about forgetting stuff in MMOs – in his case, an MMO title that he must have spent a lot of time working for.

“Playing an MMO for a long time can get weird sometimes. I apparently have the Prelate title in World of Warcraft. I didn’t even know that was a title you could get. I have no idea why I have it. According to Google, Prelate is awarded for becoming exalted with the Council of Exarchs. Which I have no memory of doing.”

I can do him one better in the sadness department: I’ve forgotten about entire characters. When the City of Heroes craze took over this past spring, I dug out my old character sheet from the original game and discovered that I had rolled and apparently leveled several characters about which I have zero memory whatsoever. And yet I must have done it since there they were on my roster with many, many hours of playtime. Completely gone from my brain.

Have you ever forgotten about an MMO character or important game achievement?

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Jeffrey McKinney
Jeffrey McKinney

The list of games I’ve left behind is only surpassed by the number of characters that I have left there.

A couple on WoW
Several on Tera, Aion, Lotro, Swtor
one at least on Bdo and a couple other asian mmos
too many on mmos that don’t exist anymore
none on Eve, but that could change at anytime.


Basically, I’d pretty much have to have forgotten some of them. I’ve got a really good memory, but I don’t devote time to actively thinking about things that are irretrievably gone. I had two accounts in CoH so that I could keep making characters on the Justice server. One almost completely full (all slots filled, all purchasable character slots bought and also filled) and the other getting there. That would be, what, over a hundred characters? I can remember the names and powers and appearance of about five.

In that specific case though, I’d quit CoH long before it got shut down. The Incarnates system was completely repellant to me, to the point that its mere existence drained the fun from the rest of the game. Instead of desperately trying to hold onto my characters and memories as the game was terminated, I’d walked out months before.

It’s the same with most every other MMO that I’ve stopped playing. I made a conscious choice to leave, and in nearly every case that included mentally washing my hands of anything that might have drawn me back. I don’t go through and give away my stuff, or symbolically delete my characters. I just uninstall the game and go.

I’ll admit that in the case of CoH, I was (and am) fairly bitter about it, because it felt like I was being driven out of somewhere that I used to enjoy. The side effect is that the bitterness and rancor that most people seem to reserve for NCSoft is (for me) directed at the Incarnate system and the fawning toadies that insisted it was the greatest thing ever.


Hmm. Well, I can’t remember. Heh. Ironic, no?

Dug From The Earth

Pretty much every mmo character in any survival game, and any character in an asian mmo.

Completely forgotten about.

Kickstarter Donor

Would you forget a book you wrote, or a picture you painted or a sculpture you sculpted or heck even a child you had lol

A lot of work, effort and dare I say love goes into my characters

So.. No :P

Kickstarter Donor

If I have…I’m still forgetting about them. I’ve definitely forgotten a lot of characters in throwaway games that I didn’t stick around for, but I can even remember back to my OG characters from when I attempted to play EQ1 way back in the day (enchanter and shadow knight).

That being said I do notice that I’ll sometimes have rewards from doing things that I’ve forgotten about. Not super common, but every now and then I’ll notice an achievement/title/gear or something else that I have that I didn’t know about.

Castagere Shaikura

Neocron 1 way back in the day my spy character. He was hard to play but really fun. I haven’t thought about him in a long time until I started reading up on the community-run Neocron 2.


I can remember all my characters that made it to the level cap (or, in the case of LotROs monster play, at least rank 5).

But, I generally dislike the leveling process and enjoy endgame, so I usually only play one character which makes it easy to remember.

Demon of Razgriz
Demon of Razgriz

Nope. I remember the name and backstory for every alt in CoH. From the down on his luck hobo caught in a freak industrial accident to the super soldier sent back to fight the Rikti, they are all with me still. Maybe I’ll try one if the “rogue” servers and go down memory lane🤔🤔🤔

Hikari Kenzaki

Playing a ton of games and having lots of alts, I forget a lot of the characters I’ve made over time. If it’s a game I haven’t played in a while, I’ll scroll through the character list and say “Oh yeah…”

Also amusingly, I play Ranger/Archer characters in almost every game I’ve ever played where they are available. But for some reason… I had never rolled a Ranger in Neverwinter. A D&D Ranger was literally my first RPG character… why hadn’t I made one in Neverwinter until now?

Gratuitous screenshot, slightly photoshopped for reasons.