Citywars Savage is a Minecraft-like sandbox MMORPG with programmable NPCs


We here at MOP like to cast a pretty wide net in our little corner of the videogame universe, which means we also see some oddball little titles cross our desk. Take Citywars Savage, for example: a Minecraft-like sandbox where players can band together to form their own little boxy civilizations and can even program NPCs to help them along.

The press release from Montreal-based 01 Studio explains Citywars Savage thusly:

“Citywars Savage is a small indie community MMORPG where you can play and explore with your friends! In this game, you can craft and gather resources, but what makes Citywars Savage different is your abilities to create your own city and code your very own army of NPC’s to grind resources for you while you compete against others or explore the map and complete quests!”

That’s right, there’s an in-game tool that will let you customize and program NPC helpers to do various tasks, including gathering resources or entering battle with you. Future features in the works will also include dungeon parties, minigames, and in-game content creation. Citywars Savage is currently in an alpha state right now, but players can customize a character and join in on the website, as well as sign up for details on the game’s beta launch. There’s also a features trailer below to get a general synopsis.

source: press release
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Person Dude

I guess that’s one way to combat botting. Of course I fear this may make it easy for people with nefarious intentions to grind the servers to a halt with purposefully inefficient code.

Rheem Octuris

I’m curious to know what kind of PVP vs PVE this game will have.

Robert Mann

From what I can tell it is basically a Minecraft + modes setup. That is it includes everything from a creative mode, through coop survival, and into things like PvP game modes.

I expect it’ll be similar in running smaller numbers as well.


Excellent. I need more sandboxes to play in.