Fallout 76 plans to talk about the future at QuakeCon while delaying its next major update

This could use some fuel.

Like the lingering effects of radiation, the most recent big update for Fallout 76 is still causing issues being addressed by the game’s latest hotfix. Legendary items are still dropping far less than intended, and PvP is too lethal right now; the latter is being hopefully fixed with today’s patch, but the latter requires more work and will ultimately require a delay of the Meat Week patch to August 1st as the team does its best to address the issues.

For those whose feelings on the title have not been spoiled by this, there is a light of sorts in the form of the upcoming QuakeCon, which will include a whole panel about what’s coming next for the game. The panel takes place at 11:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday and will be streamed live as it happens for those not present on the show floor. Of course, if you happen to be in or around Dallas and want to check it out, general admission is free, so that’s a potential perk.

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I still enjoy this game, but BethSoft really isn’t making it easy to continue playing. I work in a dev environment. We have things like staging servers and code control and UAT. Things I don’t think the FO76 team has or uses, honestly. There is just no way they test their code before dropping a patch. They REALLY need to improve (see: implement some because they basically have none ATT) their QC process. Give us some test servers for UAT, at least…