Blizzard quietly opens forum threads to help players find old friends to play World of Warcraft Classic together


MMORPGs are better with friends, and nobody should suffer Barrens chat alone. If the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic has you pining for the company of old friends circa 2004, then let the folks at Blizzard help you rekindle those flames.

In a silent and pretty dang wholesome move, some forum threads were opened up to facilitate reconnecting old friendships forged in the original World of Warcraft, letting those players enjoy each other’s company once again in Classic. The thread tree has three branches: one for each of the two factions and a third looking for new people who they haven’t met yet, so if you’re hoping to make friends in advance of the classic server launch, you’re not left twisting in the wind.

Judging by the response numbers in each thread, we think the move has been pretty readily embraced by players, so maybe your old mates are hiding in there somewhere. It’s certainly worth the look.

Starspun points out there’s an equivalent forum on the EU boards too!

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Blizzard are delusional if they think I’m going back to WoW in any capacity, neither BFA or Classic will be graced with my online presence. But I’m sure Blizz will get over it.

Albion Online FTW.

maydrock .

“Realm information (names, rulesets, and time zones) will be posted before the weekend”

Kickstarter Donor
Bhima Jenkins

Gotta admit, this is a cool idea. I wasn’t that interested in playing WoW classic as there are so many terrible systems there by today’s standards, but if I could find some of my old buddies from Frostwolf/Frostmane, that would be cool!

Rick Mills

That’s pretty classy…classic… yeh.