VR MMO Neon Exile has launched on Steam early access


Last time we heard from the building-centric VR MMO Neon Exile, it was preparing to enter early access to offer a peek at what it has to offer in terms of gameplay mechanics. And as of this week, that early access has begun.

This unique bit of VR MMO gaming rolled out Tuesday on Steam for Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Those who took part in the game’s early access demo will see their character details transfer over to the full release, while those who play the demo until launch will still be eligible for a resource starting bonus when the game fully releases. The downside, of course, is that you need to own one of those VR headsets to play.

Check out the launch teaser trailer!

Source: Press release, Steam

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Damn those graphics would look amazing in 1993

John Mclain

That’s the major drawback to VR currently. The games have to look like N64 to PS2 games to get them to work on even high end PCs. That or they have to restrain you to a VERY small environment in order to use somewhat modern graphics. Since running a game in VR requires you be basically running a game at the resolution of two 4k monitors and it has to maintain a perfectly consistant 90+fps to keep you from losing your lunch, while meeting the ancient now VR GPU standard of a gtx 970. This requires games with expansive environments to look like N64 games.

For comparison I have the best gaming rig money can buy with an i7 9900k, and 2080ti. And I can’t even achieve a consistent 90fps in a first person shooter at low settings from 8 years ago while running at Valve index resolution. Though the game isn’t optimized for VR, that optimization would largely just be reducing graphical quality and disabling AA. (Keep in mind even my $1300 gpu is only intended for gaming at 4k resolution at 60+fps, while it’s being asked to do essentially 8k resolution at 90+ fps.) VR is demanding as hell on even enthusiast hardware unless major graphical corners are cut.

All that said… REAL VR (Not that phone/ps4 goggle type crap that calls itself VR) is one HELL of an impressive thing to experience, to actually be “IN” the game, rather than just playing it. It’s an experience you just have to try for yourself, it can’t be explained with words.

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I’ll side load this with alvr onto my Quest and check it out! Thanks for the heads up!