The Daily Grind: Are you making any special preparations ahead of WoW Classic?


This is it, folks: your last weekend before WoW Classic. It’s your last time to prepare yourselves before you dive into the comfortable old grind and pony up your Blizzard sub. Get in some extra exercise, wash your coffee mugs, enjoy a last burst of fresh air, maybe even do some… meal prep?

What are you, adults now?!

Apparently this is a thing some people are doing. I found this awesome thread on the WoW Classic subreddit a while back that recommends a recipe for stew that’s pretty easy to cook ahead of time, lasts for multiple meals, and provides some actual nutrition to get you through your level-a-thon. It’s a cut above Mountain Dew and Doritos and Hot Pockets, anyway.

Are you making any special preparations ahead of WoW Classic?

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Nate Woodard

No. I’m out of town actually. I leave in the morning and won’t be back until Thursday. It’s classic guys. It’ll be there.

IronSalamander8 .

I was hoping to have a signup for Battle for Neighborville by now (the first pre-alpha was consoles only) but no announcement at Gamescom despite all the leaks so will likely mess about on my new Minecraft modpack (all the mods 3) and maybe a little CoX on the side. I would get some Garden Warfare 2 quests done but they reset every 46 hours and Sunday at 7 my time is the next reset so won’t have to worry about them Monday night.

Even when my MMO playing dominated my time I never had an issue getting off my arse to go to the bathroom or anything that needed to be done around the place. :P

blah blazh

No plans. I won’t be playing it, already did that the first time around. But I am kind of interested to see how it progresses and what kind of support Blizzard will give it. How long will people actually play it.

I wonder to if current wow players will play both, wow classic and wow current. Anyway, I do find it interesting in seeing it how it all plays out from an outsider perspective.

IronSalamander8 .

Right there with you. I’ve already done all this, some of it multiple times and my first real main from vanilla is 110 and still playable right now. Considering the game has never been that good in the first place, going back to vanilla(ish) isn’t appealing at all and I only considered it since some friends are playing it.

I’m curious how this will all play out over time, much like you.

Nick // Genghis

I’m mentally preparing for the oncoming storm of Halo on PC and DOOM Eternal. MMOs don’t really deserve the time of day imo right now. Too many of the same problems we’ve seen SINCE WoW Classic and not much in the way of improvements. I have Apex, Minion Masters, Insurgency Sandstorm, and Division 2 to fill my time until some of this year’s great games start releasing.

Good luck in Stranglethorn to all those lvl30s on Day 2!

Kickstarter Donor

Yep! I’m preparing….to play Everquest instead. Velious releases on Mangler next week; NToV I’ve missed you…


Sure I have plans, I will be playing Pagan Online which is having the official launch out of early access that same day.

I will continue to wonder why people are so excited over the re-launch of an early version of a game from 15 years ago which doesn’t have near the content it has today.

I will not to give in and join the town mob getting excited over something without really knowing why, marching with my pitchfork to watch it on Twitch or whatever.

If the pre-teen difficulty of the game is that much harder than the “I can play with one foot” difficulty of today and is really what excites so many people, maybe they should go back to that pre-teen difficulty it had at launch in the main game today?

Are they just all so excited to see something different and see how it started? I can’t see this being a long term playing situation. Maybe it’s just me.

I don’t get how this is such huge news in so many articles all over the place and after this post I’m making here I’ll be trying not to go in and waste my time in any WoW Classic articles again.

They have the right to exist for people who are into them, but it seems like they are almost trying to whip us into an unnatural frenzy and get us excited over something that really isn’t that exciting when you boil it down. (I’m not just talking about this website, but all over the Internet).


Yes, I am planning to find a mod that inserts kitty pictures instead anytime that “WoW” and “Classic” are mentioned on the internet together in that order. And yes, that would include the the Blizz launcher. /nyaa >.<


Not really. Still not exactly sure what I’m going to do because the group of friends I was going to play with haven’t said anything, so I might just roll something solo if I play.


Yes, I went down to the basement and dug out my 15 year old discarded adult diaper I wore during vanilla all those years ago.

Nate Woodard

Heh. Hopefully you washed it? I mean, think of the bacteria.


I’ll spend my time wishing that LotRO had done a proper classic / vanilla server instead of the rubbish they released.

Other than that, nothing, never got into WoW. I am looking forwards to the actual commentary of the experience though, I’m so curious to know whether classic will stand up to players expectations or not!