Legends of Aria is merging server clusters as Legends of Ultima’s player shard progresses


Earth and Sky will soon become one. Specifically, the Verdant Earth and Azure Sky server clusters of Legends of Aria, which reportedly is moving along quite well and should be finished soon, according to Citadel’s latest dev blog. Once the merge is complete, both clusters will simply be seen as a single server on the server list, though the game HUD will tell you which world you occupy and runes will indicate whether they’ll take you to Verdant Earth or Azure Sky.

Before inter-world travel can be completed, however, the Legends of Aria folks are taking a moment to inject a bit of lore into the whole matter. In order to enable travel between the two clusters, players will have to open a dead gate and attune themselves for cross-realm travel. Details on how this all works will be revealed once the merging is complete.

In more immediate Legends of Aria news, a new hotfix has been deployed to patch up some issues, and work continues on the player server called Legends of Ultima, which is essentially a recreation of the world of Ultima Online. If you’re the sort pining for those fjords, a look at that can be found below.

Sources: Official site (1, 2); LOU

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Pretty unsurprising that LOA is merging. Only a matter of time before they probably end up merging into Amber as well. The game is pretty much dead after they bait-and-switched their main game audience and all the PvE players that would “now give the game a chance” are pretty much no where to be found or not in a count to matter.

LOU on the other hand has done extremely well. The population seems to be booming and donation wise they’ve met funding for their server needs for the immediate future. They’re a non-profit server so all donations go towards server hardware. There’s regularly people in all major towns and lots of people roaming around. The world feels very alive.

While many people would assume the Ultimate Online ruleset would lead to a slaughterfest this just isn’t the case as usual. While PvP certainly does happen it’s usually a “matter of fact” affair and it’s generally considered good form on the server to ress people after killing them. They just want…your head…for reasons. Mechanics like Blessed Runebooks mean even if they do take your reagents you’re rarely left abandoned in the middle of no where with no recourse to get back home.

My only concern is the long term viability for LOU. CS makes changes or messes with servers and it seems to have an impact at times on LOU. When CS goes tits up from lack of interest in their shitty version of the game, what does that mean for LOU? They say they got contingency plan but I just don’t know how that would even work.

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Not merging; it’s just cross-server play.


Really semantics at this point for the game. It’s happening this way because they want to simultaneously preserve people’s land claims while giving them the ability to try to play with anyone else left playing the game on official.