EVE Online bans an entire botting corporation, moves EVE Vegas to San Diego starting in 2020


Cheating in EVE Online? It’s not the best idea. The latest dispatch from CCP’s security team says that it banned 4385 accounts for hacking, 12446 for botting, and 5101 for RMT, just since January. “Part of our work this month was the disassembly of an entire 250+ member corporation that was pretty much entirely comprised of botters,” the studio says – that’d be Southern Race Club from Iron Crown alliance. “You are not immune to the rules. If you are botting, we will come for you.” Bye!

Meanwhile, CCP Games is ramping up for the next leg of its EVE World Tour. The studio lands in Berlin for the September 13th-14th event, and then EVE Vegas (October 25-27) will be headlined by Permaband. But it’s the plans for next year that should grab your attention, as the studio’s announced that it’ll have an “official Russian event on the roster for 2020” – specifically, in Moscow. Moreover, this’ll be the last year for EVE Vegas; in 2020, the US event will be in San Diego instead.

“We’ll be going for a different vibe of course, given that we’re going to the south west of the US. There’s a heavy density of EVE players in the area, so we’re expecting something awesome. Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve made a scouting trip out to California, looking at several hotels and venues. We’re pretty excited by what we’ve seen so far, and plans are already starting to form for a 2020 west coast event.”

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