Destiny 2’s next season will feature a season pass and an Artifact that improves your character


Seasons in Destiny 2 have always been a thing, and that’s not changing once Shadowkeep makes its arrival to players of the shooter. What is changing, however, is how players can experience this upcoming Season, whether they buy in or not. All of this is elaborated on in the latest edition of Director’s Cut from director Luke Smith.

With the free-to-play Destiny 2: New Light, the devs have had to take a moment to consider what Season content will be open to everyone. Smith provided a full list of things free players will get access to, including the Moon sandbox location, the first mission of Shadowkeep, two new Strikes, access to the new Seasonal Artifact, and access to the free reward track of the Season Pass.

Wait, Seasonal Artifact? Season Pass? Yep, these are two new things coming with the Season of the Undying.

The Seasonal Artifact will let players unlock additional armor mods as they level up their Artifact by earning XP. What’s more, the Power of the Artifact applies to your character’s overall Power level, and that Power is account-wide. Artifacts will be changing each season, but the Power level this Artifact can reach is uncapped.

The Season Pass, meanwhile, is not unlike season passes seen in other games like Fortnite or Dauntless: Earning XP will level up your pass and get you rewards, and there are two reward tracks for free players or those who bought in to Shadowkeep. There will be 100 levels to this pass, all of which are unlocked by playing and not by buying advance levels. Purchasing levels will be available, but only in the latter half of a season.

This new approach to Seasons will persist through Year 3, which will feature four Seasons instead of the usual three. Mercifully, players won’t have to buy an Annual Pass to get to all this seasonal goodness: You can purchase individual seasons for $10. Furthermore, the Season of the Undying content will be included with purchase of Shadowkeep as well as available a la carte.

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