Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen discusses crafting in its August developer roundtable


The one thing I like most about sandbox MMOs — and the one thing that I’ll probably end up doing if I find one that sticks — is crafting that matters to the wider game world. Crafting in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen should be similarly involved as elaborated on at length during August’s developer roundtable.

The hour-long podcast goes in to the game’s vision for crafting and harvesting and fields several player questions about the gameplay. The developers mention that they’re closely considering how to keep crafted items comparable to looted items so that there’s no competition between PvE players and crafters. One idea to achieve this is to have stats from a raid drop’s weapon be craftable and transmutable on to other items. They also mention that climate could affect what materials players find in the world.

The discussion also mentioned the continual drive to make Pantheon a social MMO and apply that to crafting and gathering as well: ideas considered for this sort of social interaction were having groups of gatherers capable of harvesting nodes higher than their individual level, or having a bunch of cooks have a cooking competition that would spawn a feast table for other players to get food items from.

They’re all lovely ideas and you can listen to all the lovely ideas you can handle in the embed below.

source: YouTube. Thanks, Nephele!

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