Wisdom of Nym: Predicting the next Final Fantasy XIV jobs far too stupidly early

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So now’s a good time to start predicting the jobs we’ll be getting in the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion, right? It seems like a great time! We have no material teasing any new jobs whatsoever, no reason to even start guessing about where we’re headed next (aside from the people who will guess Garlemald because they have been guessing Garlemald ever since Heavensward), and haven’t even yet had an announcement that 6.0 will exist at all. This is ideal!

I kid, I kid. Actually, this would just be a case of hitting a bit of a lull and having some space to fit in some logic about predictions, but I’m a long way off from making particularly solid predictions. Still, you all know about my love of prognostication and speculation, so let’s look forward to the wild and unpredictable year of 2020 when we’re first hearing about the expansion we all will pretend to be super surprised about. What new jobs will be along for the ride?


Volume and nature

First and foremost, I think there are a couple of things we can predict with some confidence. There will be possibly three new jobs, but if there are three, one of them will be another limited job. I don’t see the designers really giving up on limited jobs now that the trigger has been pulled on the concept, and I suspect what we’ll see over the Shadowbringers lifespan will be both the expansion of Blue Mage and the introduction of another Limited Job to put paid to the idea that there’s only going to be one.

This is far from certain, of course; it’s just plausible and matches history. I fully expect our second Limited Job to be released similar to Blue Mage, coming in the liminal period between the general wrap-up of the prior expansion and before the release of the next one.

Meanwhile, for the expansion itself, we’re almost certainly getting a healer and a DPS. This is purely pragmatic; the team has stated outright that they’re aware of the player demand for a new healer even with this expansion, and we’ve gone two expansions without a new options for players in that particular role. Adding another tank, on the other hand, can take a little longer and might disrupt the balancing act that was just done with tanks in this expansion even beyond the level cap increase and the very nature of 6.0.

But what about the DPS? Well, that depends a lot on how the team regards our current DPS options. We currently have four melee physical jobs, three ranged physical jobs, and three ranged magical jobs. So which part matters more, the ranged or the physical?

Seriously, that’s a real question. If you count ranged jobs as ranged regardless of other elements, it’s clear that another melee option is needed. If you count physical jobs as being the more important and unifying element, then clearly we need another magical job. And it’s hard to say for certain, even though Shadowbringers clearly came down on the side of all physical jobs counting as the same sort of thing.

So, then, that’s the broad shape of things. One new limited job, one new healer job, and either one new magical DPS or one new melee DPS. But what will they actually be? The best I can do is offer some strong possibilities.

They've got no strings!

Limited jobs

Likely candidates: Beastmaster, Puppetmaster, Onion Knight

The first two here seem pretty obvious, since they were both mentioned by name and thus are probably pretty high on the whiteboard of job ideas for future Limited options. My guess is that it’s more a debate about which one would be more different and/or fit into design time. Onion Knight… well, that one comes solely from me, but I could definitely see a job that can do anything but not as well as its source jobs being an appealing potential project.


Likely candidates: Chemist, Geomancer, Seer/Devout, Bishop, Necromancer

Here’s the big problem with a new healer job. You have to find something that’s got a history in the series that will fit well enough with healing while also providing an identity that’s distinct from the three existing healing jobs, and that’s tricky. Chemist manages that, but it has some overlap with Alchemist as a crafting job. Necromancer would also be distinct, and there’s space to make the job a healing one, but there is a certain degree of weirdness once you get past the idea that technically all Necromancers are just late healers.

Meanwhile, Seer/Devout (it goes by both) and Bishop have some overlap with White Mage, especially as the former is frequently a literal upgrade of White Mage. Geomancer has overlap with both White Mage and Astrologian, casting another twist on things. That’s not to say that any of these can’t be made distinct, though, and the reality is that we’re running a bit lower on new healer jobs that are available in the franchise.

Hit it harder!

Physical melee

Likely candidates: Rune Knight, Templar, Soldier, Corsair

Remember when the rumors were that the gunblade-wielding job would be a Soldier? That didn’t happen. Fortunately, there is a space for that sort of job, with an established identity of debuffs and weakening opponents, possibly weaving in some flavor of the Knights of Final Fantasy Tactics and the general feel of Final Fantasy XII’s Foebreaker.

Meanwhile, Templar and Rune Knight would both have the feel of being a bit more magic-focused DPS jobs; Templar might make more sense as a future tank if that identity weren’t already functionally taken up by Paladin, and Rune Knight even has an armor set named after it already (with its usual identity of melding magic with melee probably taking another tack than just casting en-spells).

Last but not least, yes, Corsair could definitely be a melee DPS job; give it a swordstaff-esque weapon with a gun for its ranged attack, incorporate some gambling mechanics, and it all hangs together decently well. It doesn’t quite feel like its truest potential incarnation, but it’s still viable.



Likely candidates: Geomancer, Evoker, Memorist/Psychic, Gambler, Necromancer

Yes, Geomancer and Necromancer would make sense here, too! You could easily make Geomancer into a support-oriented DPS job, and Necromancer… well, it probably makes more sense as magical DPS than as a healer, if we’re being honest. You know how this stuff works by now. (It doesn’t have a large series footprint, but it’s there just the same.)

Our other options get… well, weird. Gambler is a job that has been kind of on the outs from the franchise for a long while, but there’s space for making it into a caster all the same. Evoker would be… well, chiefly just the name; it’s a less-powerful Summoner in practice during its one appearance, but you could certainly make the job into a sort of different-style Summoner compared to our current pet job.

And Memorist/Psychic? Hey, psychic powers have never been a very consistent thing in this franchise, but there’s nothing saying that can’t change. It would even make for an interesting twist in exploring a new land. Why had we never seen this before? Because it’s just not very common.

Obviously, we’ll be refining these predictions as we get closer to… I don’t know, actual releases and all that. But it’s fun to speculate, even if I know it’s far too early, and you can leave your own feedback or speculation on same down in the comments or by mail to eliot@massivelyop.com. Next week, we’ll have the first 5.1 preview to chew on!

The Nymian civilization hosted an immense amount of knowledge and learning, but so much of it has been lost to the people of Eorzea. That doesn’t stop Eliot Lefebvre from scrutinizing Final Fantasy XIV each week in Wisdom of Nym, hosting guides, discussion, and opinions without so much as a trace of rancor.
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Mr Poolaty

And by limited jobs they need up their game. Ok keep them out of 24 man raids but they should be allowed in current everything else in pre made parties. It’s just lazy to say oh well players might not have the right spells… Well you should know if your pre made gd party member can play any job before they’re invited regardless of class… If you invite a blue mage with no spells into a pre made party that’s your gd fault. Stop using peoples complete lack of common sense to keep the blue mage job in the dark. Another reason to do it is to artificially keep old content fresh or used…. I’d rather not even had the gd blue mage job if I knew it was gonna be implemented the way it has been…

Mr Poolaty

Well someone dropped the give gigantic fucking ball on limited jobs. Holy fuck I don’t wanna wait until 7.6 to get the gd beastmaster mount…

Vincent Clark

Unpopular opinion (perhaps?), in terms of jobs, I hope they ditch the idea of “limited jobs” with the Blue Mage. By all means, release what they have developed/planned so far for that job in particular, but after that…put it on the shelf and divert resources elsewhere in-game.

Ironically, I was all for the concept of limited jobs initially, but…not every idea is a good one and while I give them credit for trying new things, it gets a “Boot!” from me.

Mr Poolaty

Sorry I could only like your entire comment once. Geezus they totally fucked up any love from me on the blue mage job. Their implementation of the idea was is a gd joke imo! I LOVED Blue Mage in ffxi but not this…

Mykal Quinn

I would think Time Mage would be a great choice for a new Healer. Rewinding wounds, freezing things in stasis (like a invuln + stun, would work well to avoid big tankbusters), enemy slows, allied hastes, etc.


I think Geomancer is likely since White Mage got holy-themed replacements for Aero & Stone and, since there was drama about taking away healer damage buttons, I’m picturing Geo playing similar to Disc Priest in WoW. Like your filler spell “magnetizes” a shield on target with highest aggro, etc. That’d be a decent niche? Could just make Astro HoT-only?


I’m going to go with ranged magic dps – Gun Mage. It has been wanted for a bit, and moving closer to Garlemald (or piggy backing off the Gunbreaker lore) I think it makes sense in the game’s story.

…also I just really want it.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron
Ryan Allgood

On the Chemist thing, I think it would be best if they renamed it “Apothecary” to differentiate it from Alchemist.

They haven’t ever called it that in an FF game in particular, but SE has used that name in stuff like Octopath Traveler.

Alternatively, “Medic” could be a good name. It was only used in the FFXIII trilogy and it was basically just White Mage, but FFXIII was a more high tech setting.

Unfortunately, I think the most likely thing is that we’ll get some other magical sparkle “White Mage but with” healer though.

My assumption is that it will be either Geomancer or Cleric/Bishop with a two handed mace/hammer as the weapon (in reference to the new NPC that Tetsuya Nomura designed for them).

For DPS, I think we should get a magical DPS, but I really don’t know for sure, and I’m not sure what Job would work.

Side note: I really think they’re shooting themselves in the foot with the limited Jobs. The basic concept isn’t bad, but the idea that they will be wasting interesting Job concepts on it sucks. I would have been fine with Limited Jobs if they started with, say, Freelancer or Onion Knight or Mime. But Blue Mage is one less FF caster Job to use and Beastmaster is one less FF melee Job to use. Even looking at the Jobs you’ve suggested, we’re clearly having to really reach to come up with classic FF Casters already. When I think of FF magic Jobs, “Necromancer” is definitely not something that leaps to mind even if it has technically been in a re-released version of one game (FFV GBA version).


Healer seems likely. After that, kind of hard to tell. Lancer and Ninjas both still use their own type of gear, so if that doesn’t change I could see a new chainmail-wearing melee class (so DRG shares gear) or a new Dex melee that shares gear with Ninja.

Sean Walsh

As a personal favorite from FF: Tactics, I’d love to see Geomancer introduced in any capacity. Especially if they somehow got to wield one handed axes like I did with them in that game. I just can’t tell if their inclusion in the AST job quests from SB make it seem more or less likely that they’ll actually be put into the game.

I’d also really like to see this team’s take on Chemist, but I just don’t see it happening, at least not as a healer. From a role quests/lore perspective, I think it would be difficult for them make Chemist fit alongside the decidedly magical other healers.

Furthermore, because this game’s jobs are are built around each having a unique weapon, I like to think of cool weapons they could add that don’t exist yet, then get the job from there. With that in mind, a whip based class seems like it could be super cool, given how awesome all the DNC animations are already. A whip wielder gambler sounds dope to me!


Actually, I think Chemist could work greatly as a healer. I’d see it as the “machinist’ of the Healing roles. Something done in order to give those without the position or latent skill for conventional healing a way to step up to the plate and do their part. Narratively speaking I think that could make it a rather interesting position to explore… And while they have to decide on where the ‘job’ trainer is and who they are? I think making it an offshoot of the Alchemist guild would help tie it into the world and give it a strong base. And for a weapon, I’d imagine they would go along the line of some sort of crossbow or something similar.


A non-magic-based healer would be interesting with Chemist. They’d use some other type of resource. Or maybe just call their potions out of the aether.

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Ryan Allgood

For Chemist, as far as game mechanics, it could just work like other healers. Use MP and has cast times. The “lore” explanation could just be that the Chemist is infusing alchemical reagents with Aether (spending MP) and mixing up the potions in real time (the cast time).

Give them “spells” like “Tonic, “Panacea”, “Tincture”, and various “medicine” sounding names, with attack “spells” like “Molotov”, “Arctic Wind”, “Bomb Arm”, “Grenade”, basically various FF attack items from older games. Give them an oGCD ability (like 20 second cooldown) called “Mix”. When you use it, the next two “spells” you use will grant you a new single use ability based on what you used.

On the whip thing, if they weren’t clearly going to waste Beastmaster on limited Jobs, Whips could be a pretty awesome weapon for them!