Path of Exile lays out its expansion plan for the next year, through the 4.0.0 release


Path of Exile studio Grinding Gear Games is already hard at work shoring up the remaining issues in the Blight league launch. But what about after that? And after that? The company’s latest post tackles just that question with a comforting preview of what’s to come and when.

“In the week following the release of a new expansion, many members of the development team shift their focus to designing and creating the next one (while others continue to improve the recently-released league),” GGG writes. “We have now begun this process with 3.9.0, which will be released in early December. This particular cycle is an interesting one because of the presence of ExileCon (November 16-17), so we wanted to explain how it’ll work timing-wise.”

Following the 3.9.0 release, we’ll see expansion drops in March, June, and September of 2020, “and so on, with new expansions every 13 weeks until 4.0.0 is ready.”

“It’s important to understand that due to its scope, 4.0.0 is likely at least a year away from full release. Despite it being quite far from completion, we will both announce it and have a playable demo at ExileCon this year. In addition to the big 4.0.0 announcement, we’ll also announce the 3.9.0 expansion and its challenge league at ExileCon, which is around three weeks before they launch. We expect to have this content playable on the demo machines at the event as well.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all studios did this?

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I stopped following PoE a long time ago. I remember they had yet to add some Acts to the game, but if I’m not wrong, they already finished the story and are now expanding the game sideways with Leagues and other things I don’t understand or care about that in reality don’t allow you to progress forward anymore, but just run in circles, like in Diablo 2 when you finish Normal, you play the same story in Nightmare and then again in Hell.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d be interested to know how the game has changed and if they plan on adding more Acts and progressing the story further.

Vanilla Heaven

I think you stopped following it around 2 and a half years ago then. And since then they did away with the old difficulty upscaling where you loop back through and do it twice. In fact I would say the game has probably tripled or quadrupled in things to do and player interactions since then. Their update that added an act back then added act 4, and then another one added SIX new acts at once. At THAT update, which was huge and is still one of their top upvoted posts on reddit, they dropped the multiple trips theough the storyline and made it a 1 time through trip. After completing the storyline you are approached by an NPC who is trying to unlock the mystery of a device her father who had gone missing once worked on. At this point you basocally get to pick how you want to play, and why you want to play. Are you a crafter, or a build maker, or just want to explore? Then you start doing whatever your heart desires. I would say there are a solid 4-6 different “endgames” to PoE right now, depending on if you actually wanted to PLAY the game.

You can progress through the atlas and help her discover the history of the map device, you can endlessly run the lords labyrinth through mazes and traps with a difficult for most builds boss fight, you can delve down infinitely with infinitely scaling dungeons that rewards you with recurrent content from almost all previous leagues the game has ever had (it gets crazy difficult and is still one of PoEs most beloved additions) or you can pursue the master missions (there are new masters by the way, all of the old ones betrayed you and formed an evil guild bent on world domination and eternal youth) near endlessly where each master has their own theme and league mechanics behind them. I personally love Alva, shes a time traveling conquistador, where you go back in time and assassinate evil temple builders of a corrupt advanced indian race to cause the temple to grow in the way you want it to before you raid it in the present.

That, or you can set different goals for yourself than just experiencing PoE: such as grinding to level 100, becoming a filthy rich trader and learning the economics of PoE, or making your own unique build and figuring out what it can handle in PoE. I think the best part of PoE now since then is that there are very very few builds or characters that can do all of the content in the game, and do them well. Most people find the thing they like the most and start leveling second character ti enjoy doing that part of the game the most. Maybe instead of running through maps and having insanely fast gameplay you want a super tanky character built to never die inside of the labyrinth that helps other adventurers who have a harder time through, or to take on the biggest boss fights in the game.

I hope you give it a try again sometime. If you do, i recommend looking up a build guide that teaches you some of the game so you can experience the mechanics without a huge headache. Probably the most friendly is enki’s arc witch.

Krisjanis Valdmanis

Nah, the old circlejerk with normal, merciless, etc is very long gone. Probably should try it out again, as I also stopped playing it about 5 years ago after playing it for 4.5k hours before that since CBT. And I am satisfied, the game is quite a bit different now, but mostly in a good way. Always people whining about smthn, but thats what happens with good games. The new league every 3 months also helps to refresh the game for players.

Joddle Lewinski

Hello, I have been playing this game for too long and please allow me to share a very different perspective from yours. First of all, I love playing through the acts fighting all the randomly generated rare monsters throughout the randomly generated maps (still not bored of it), but that still seems like the earliest/weakest task of the whole focus of the game. What truly makes PoE one of the greatest of all is the crafting system, the vast amount of builds you can create, the end-game map farming, the seasonal challenges, and I can go on, but my point is, is that GGG really took this game genre to the next level. That being said, I forgot to mention that they added 5 more acts since you’ve played. GGG is the main reason why Blizzard is not releasing Diablo 4. I bet they are reworking the project so many times that it’s official release would be something like 2025. Just my prediction though. I don’t know how big the company is today, but they might as well just concentrate on their continuous success of WoW classic with the wallet money they get from Chinese Diablo App.

But yea, PoE is great!

Jeromai _

I see what you did there.

Between TennoCon and now ExileCon, there’s going to be a pretty high bar for game announcements now.

I’m hyped and looking forward to November!


Path of Exile lays out its expansion plan for the next year, though the 4.0.0 release

‘though’ the 4.o.o release? Delete my post.