Inside Star Citizen goes spelunking with a full episode all about patch 3.7’s cave systems


The weekly Inside Star Citizen is once again an episode focusing all on one aspect of the developing game: caves. Covering everything from lighting and sound to generation tools and precisely where things should go, it’s a whole 15 minutes of subterranean fun. If hearing about game development is fun for you, anyway. Even if it isn’t fun, the work that goes into these upcoming cave systems is pretty interesting.

The video opens up with a pair of environment artists discussing the tools created and used to procedurally generate caves. We then hear from senior live producer Gareth Bourn, who explains what the RSI team is considering for future gameplay features such as FPS mining locations, NPC locations, and missions, as well as consideration of where FPS combat may take place. Bourn also mentions that the initial release for caves will have three variants: uncharted, charted, and a third “secret” type. Finally, we move on to some time with members of the lighting and sound teams to get an idea on how they set the cavern mood.

The game’s roadmap currently states that patch 3.7 is due sometime in the third quarter of this year, though we all know that anything can change. Until then, here’s your dark and damp look inside caves.

source: YouTube
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