Leaderboard: Are you concerned for the future of Guild Wars 2?


Yesterday, we learned that ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien, who’d run the company that ushered both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 into the MMORPG genre for nearly two decades, was leaving the company to found a new tiny studio. Some might have considered that inevitable, given the brutal layoffs this past winter (at one point, union organizers were calling for his head!), but as we understand it, it didn’t initially appear that way internally.

It also doesn’t seem as if O’Brien will be replaced at all, if you read between the lines: ArenaNet’s statement to us yesterday did not directly address our questions as to who will become president, instead saying that that “Mike Zadorojny will continue to oversee Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet while NCSOFT West Chief Development Officer Chris Corry will continue in his role managing all western development efforts at the company.”

Adding more fuel to the fire, Kotaku’s piece yesterday confirmed our sourcing from earlier this year that indicated work on prototyping a potential Guild Wars 3 was underway (again) following the mass layoffs and cancellation of other projects (thanks, GD!). Whether you regard that as a good thing probably depends on your opinion of Guild Wars 2 itself and whether you want to see it developed to its full potential or replaced by something new.

Are you concerned for the future of Guild Wars 2?

Leaderboard: Are you concerned for the future of Guild Wars 2? (Choose up to three.)

  • Nah, not worried - MikeZ's got this. (7%, 129 Votes)
  • Slightly worried - don't like the uncertainty. (10%, 189 Votes)
  • Super concerned about the turmoil this year. (8%, 160 Votes)
  • Guild Wars 3 sounds like a big threat to GW2's future. (4%, 84 Votes)
  • Guild Wars 3 sounds like an awesome fresh start. (14%, 281 Votes)
  • Heck, I was concerned about Guild Wars 2 long before this. (14%, 267 Votes)
  • Where's our GW2 expansion, Anet? (11%, 212 Votes)
  • I am chiefly worried about NCsoft's involvement. (8%, 156 Votes)
  • I think ArenaNet is better off with O'Brien out. (2%, 32 Votes)
  • Let's wait and see how the company adjusts. (6%, 109 Votes)
  • I'm worried about ArenaNet's survival in general. (10%, 194 Votes)
  • ArenaNet will be fine - just let it work itself out. (3%, 52 Votes)
  • Don't know enough to comment. (3%, 50 Votes)
  • Something else. (0%, 7 Votes)
  • No response / view tally / sylvari butts (3%, 54 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,160

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GW3 could be the fresh Anet needs, but I don’t see anyone, who has a vision for the future, but only the “maintenance crew”, who still didn’t left.

And even they are starting to leave:

Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 just lost another great dev in Bill Freist


I never liked Guild Wars 2 from the start – the graphics, the UI, the playable races… all of it. If it was like GW1, I might’ve cared about it, but let’s just say now I don’t even care enough to gloat on its uncertain future.


The only silver lining to me when they announced a new Living World season into of an expansion was that maybe, just maybe, they were starting work on GW3 instead. GW2 has multiple fatal flaws that have never and can never be fixed. Let’s hope Anet learns those lessons and gives us a better game next time.


For me, GW2 has always had three major flaws:

1. Lack of defined roles.
2. No sense of accomplishment. It’s too easy to level. Too easy to get gear. Too easy to kill things. It’s just too easy, and quick, to do anything.
3. There are very few things that cannot be solved in GW2 by just throwing your credit card at it.

Axetwin .

1. Guild Wars 1 had no “defined roles” either. Both that game and 2 are actually better for it. The only place Anet failed here is by not giving the non-DPS roles more impact on gameplay.

2. If you’re playing video games for a sense of accomplishment, you need to rethink your life choices. Leveling in MMO’s is ALWAYS a chore. Anything that makes the process faster and less tedious is a good thing, not a bad one.

3. This is just outright wrong. 99% of everything in the cashshop is cosmetic. The other 1% is the xpacs and living world content.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Let’s take a step back – Guild Wars 1 was essentially replaced less than two years after launch, when Anet revealed it would be working on GW2 instead of continuing with the game that put them on the map.

Two Years. For an MMO.

Most in the community would consider that a failure. Yet here we are, seven years into GW2’s life and only now are hearing credible rumblings that ANet was looking at a GW3. And now it may appear that NCSoft is putting the kabosh on that.

I’m more concerned about NCSoft monkeying around and the future of GW1 (which has always been the better of the two games) than anything else. MO leaving to start up an indie studio smacks of corporate overlord fingers reaching too deep.


poll is a little pointless as there are so many answers.


I’ve… been concerned for this game since darn near the beginning. Speaking as someone who grabbed the physical CE and was ready to invest in GW2 long-term…? It lost me within nearly the first year as it became more and more apparent that Arena.Net had literally no clue where they wanted to take the game.

Legendary Weapons were literally just an excuse to create massive resource dumps to encourage the market to spend on them (and, by way of that, buy gems to get gold for it). Dungeons were… bad, lets be honest–difficulty was all over the place, and while the quality was there they never felt ‘fun’ to play. And their early plans for ANY of the game’s long-form content fell apart within months. Add onto that my personal disappointment for how communities ended up getting split apart among other personal factors… And I completely burnt out on that game.

I’ve got nothing but respect for O’Brien, I’ll always love Guild Wars 1 (and say it is definitively better than 2), but between the wild flailing at trying to be an ‘Esports God’ on Day 1 (while completely ignoring/missing why GW1 PvP worked so well) and the complete lack of direction for the PvE side of the game showed that whatever spark that worked for 1 didn’t even exist for 2. And watching from the sidelines as one expansion hit then another, and now all of the steaming mess that has been the last year or two for the game as well as the company as a whole?

How can one not be worried? I want to genuinely love Guild Wars 2. I want to enjoy the game. I want to be able to say I’m actually interested in buying an expansion for this game. But literally nothing has jumped out to me. Every little plus I might see is immediately bogged down by poor decisions and heavy and aggressive monetization until that plus is shaved into a negative. PvP is a mess, the ‘ignore the trinity’ concept has turned into some pseudo-existence where it definitely does exist but they don’t want to explicitly build up classes for it so they also kind of don’t. And without new weapons, jobs exist as literally the same exact thing since release–aside from the occasional ‘Elite’ spec. And then there’s the issue of following the story… You can’t. Season 1? Too bad! Season 2 and beyond? Sure, but new players will be expected to pay extra just to figure out what is going on in expansions that treat the player, whether they are new or not, as if they’ve been following everything as it happened.


Not sure I should be or not. I mean it could mean something ominous…but it’s also could well be the part of the dysfunctionalism that afflicts every large and sustainable MMO save maybe FF XIV. That is, crappy stuff keeps happening, but they keep chugging along with no danger of getting WildStar’d just yet…

…so wait and see and Sylvari butts I guess? o.O

Jo Watt

GW2 has always been and continues to be a decent starter mmo that you play for a while and then move on to something that provides more content and progression that keeps you going.


I like GW2, just not as much as I enjoyed GW1 (which I still think was a better game). My hope is that some of these GW2 emigrant developers will get back to those GW1 roots in developing some new game.

I had hopes in Jeff Strain, back when he left ArenaNet, but he went in a totally different direction (zombies, meh).

Frankly, if GW3 (assuming it ever becomes a real thing) is a mashup of GW1 and GW2, I’ll be a happy camper indeed.