Atlas goes live on Xbox One after a bit of a delay

Atlas goes live on Xbox One after a bit of a delay

“Alright, you swabs, let’s set sail for the Xbo–oh… wait… what? …Microsoft techs have to…? Oh, alright. We good? Okay–aherm. Let’s set sail for the Xbox One!”

This was a dramatic re-enactment of Atlas’ arrival to the Xbox One console, which was delayed for a little bit in order to work out some backend configuration matters. The delay went on for a few more hours afterwards in order to further make sure everything was prepared, but as of this writing, Atlas is now live on Xbox Game Preview.

The Xbox version features enhancements for Xbox One X, full cross-play with PC, and features current to the PC version like the Blackwood map, single-player and private session features, and procedurally generated Wild Pirate Camps. The game will also feature simultaneous updates for both platforms. Considering the scope and size of the update, the game did unsurprisingly require a full wipe.

Atlas is currently available for $29.99 on Xbox and is 15% off on Steam until October 21st.

sources: official forums (1, 2), official site

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Someone needs to post an accurate trailer. Where you spend most of your grinding farming resources in between raiding/defending against swarms of players who’ve minimized all the body sliders to be the smallest possible targets so they look like starved goblins, while they run in circles around you with racial slurs as names and screaming them over voice chat. All of which happens on land, because why would you want to do stuff on ships in a pirate game set in map that is 90+% ocean?

It’s a shame, because the core concept of the game is something I would love. But the execution is just a Rust style griefbox just on a massive scale.


I finally picked it up when it was massively on sale, for the singleplayer mode. Playing it offline is okay, although it’s pretty obvious that singleplayer is only about a third baked (and might never be finished, Grapecard has not in my opinion done a great job of being solo friendly with prioritizing even game breaking bugs.)

I think Angry Joe actually did a sort of “honest trailers” version of the launch trailer at the beginning of his review though, where he’d cut from the epic (and totally staged) role play scenes in the trailer to him and a bunch of friends looking like stomped goblins and punching trees in their underwear.