Washington man charged with theft of $40,000 of games and equipment from Valve headquarters


In 2018, there was a break-in at Valve’s offices in Bellevue, WA. Some 15 Xbox One and 23 PlayStation 4 games, between 15-20 Asus laptops, an undisclosed number of Switch and steam machine consoles, and Gabe Newell’s minigun prop from an interview were all taken. Now someone has been charged in that particular crime; Shawn Shaputis is being charged with one count of burglary and one count of trafficking in stolen property, as he sold the aforementioned games to a Bellevue GameStop and was caught on camera doing so.

Yes, that really happened.

Shaputis supposedly entered a public restaurant and then gained access to the building via a non-functional stairwell door, throwing the items in question in a large rolling recycling can before “recycling” the games into around $300 at GameStop. There’s no word on the disposition of the other items, including the sentimental value of the prop Newell once posed in. We can only hope that during the company’s long nightmare of having slightly fewer things in their office they found the time to work on some currently neglected projects.

Source: Polygon via Kotaku

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So THAT’S where Half-Life 3 went? Too soon? lol

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the funniest part is how little the gamestop gave him for all those games. why wouldn’t you craigslist/ebay that stuff under different accounts? criminals are idiots.


Just selling them at all at a Gamestop, which has records of transactions and cameras recording everything, I simply don’t understand.

Maybe he was a druggie that needed a fix and couldn’t wait? Strong withdrawal kills the rational thought process. If it’s not that and he actually just thought that was a good idea, I’m at a loss.


Um, criminals ARE idiots, yes, but even doing it the way you suggest, the police would just trace things to the owner(s) of the accounts and they aren’t the Luddites many gamers make them out to be (IE they’d close in, in pretty short order anyway.)