TERA previews Skywatch Aerial Island, Halloween events, and the Harvest Festival

TERA players are in for a big October: Not only is the Skywatch: Aerial Island update rolling to PC, but Halloween is in the air too. First up, Skywatch. The Aerial Island content is jumping to PC on October 15th, bringing the Skywatch content to a close with a new landmass and the new card collection system too.

“With an introductory quest available to characters level 11 or higher, players of all levels can benefit from their collection across all characters on the server. Players can earn card fragments while engaging in their usual activities including completing dungeons, killing Big-Ass Monsters (BAMs), and playing PvP modes, combining 20 card fragments together to unlock a full card for their collection. Each individual card will grant passive stat boosts for the character, with certain card combinations unlocking more powerful buffs!”

Second, there’s Halloween! Gourdo’s Trick or Treat event is set to return this month on both PC and console, though we don’t have a hard date yet. The Harvest Festival Hall is also running until November 5th.

Source: Press release, official site

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Jack Pipsam

At least it seems they’ve now got the PC and Console events in sync which is good.


…oh boy, even more things to spam the inventory slots. /sigh