Citadel: Forged with Fire offers a rough plan for post-launch updates and goes free-to-play this weekend


Curious about Citadel: Forged with Fire but not willing to pull the trigger on a pre-order or purchase? This weekend is your chance to try before you buy as the magical survival sandbox is completely free on Steam starting now.

The world of Ignis is open to everyone starting today, October 25th, all the way through the next three days as the game heads for its full launch. According to the press release, it appears that this free weekend has no restrictions on what can be accessed in the game. Speaking of what’s in-game, one last patch was applied to the early access build which included mouth movement when using VoIP, a new phoenix mini-boss, several new PvP and PvE server types, and a number of gameplay adjustments.

The press release also offered a few words on post-launch content for Citadel. Blue Isle Studios plans to show off a roadmap of content soon to preview a number of free updates and new DLC in early 2020. The game’s first milestone delivery will also introduce narrative quests, and players are promised a “steady cadence” of post-launch content through next year.

sources: press release, Steam

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Dug From The Earth

Tried it out for a couple of hours

Have to say, Im glad I didnt buy it a few months ago when I was tempted to.

The game is really rough around the edges. Super laggy, not just from net related things, but also with UI responsiveness. Character creation is almost pointless due to the so few options and limitations. Cant even rotate your character. In game voice chat is HORRID. Open mic is on by default, so be prepared to be assaulted by screechy, scratchy 2bit voice and background noises from players who dont realize their mic is on, on a system that is clearly using a voice algorithm from 1998.

Visually the engine suffers from ridiculous amounts of blur and bloom, even with disabling any settings that seem to be related to that. Pop-in is also pretty bad, especially with shadows. Shadow distance, even on the highest, is pretty sad.

I found myself pretty bored only 15 minutes into the game, but pushed myself to get to the 2 hours mark just to see if it was the “intro” part that was so dull. Seems like its the entire game.


So its a free to play trial through steam – the way title was worded I thought they changed business model

I may have a look at it if I find time among my other games this week. Thanks for letting us know