Astellia adds a hard cap to Astel ranks while adjusting acquisition rates

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No players in Astellia Online were meant to have eight-star Astels at this point. That’s not to say they were never meant to be added; that was always the plan as something to go live alongside the game’s item synthesis update later in the year. But allowing some players to have them this early has resulted in a problem wherein the actual game content is made almost trivial by these companions being higher-level than they’re supposed to be at this point. Thus, the latest patch for the game is putting a hard cap on Astels at seven stars.

For the few players who have managed to hit higher rankings, no experience will be lost; instead, the Astels in question will retain experience and rank up instantly once the cap is changed. This is also true for other players, who can still earn experience on Astels even when the cap is reached. Players will also notice changes to Astel acquisition rates, with no more four-star or five-star cards obtained in packs and higher acquisition rates for three-star cards. Check out the full rundown to understand how and why these values are being tweaked in greater depth.

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Daniel Miller

To be fair, amerand Europeans want instant gratification. Hence they have no will to grind or work hard for anything significant. Hence dumb down the game to please the gamers.

As for me i did na and kr. I spent 6 months to get a ten star astal. Hard work in daily grinding dungeons. But i felt like a ffxi rema weapon was achievement.

Na took put cards, but put them in daily quest, even so 1 to 5 star rewards. What were they thinking….. lol

Furthermore a new player stands bo chance catchi g up now. I really dispise western pubs who make localization changes to make games easy as mobiles.

Lazy players and devs.