Aion Europe adds a 2,000-player PvP battle and a 12-player dungeon in update 7.2


The European version of Aion has launched its latest big update, with emphasis on “big.” As in 2,000-person PvP battle and 12-person dungeon run big. There’s stuff for those who like to do things with others in Aion, essentially.

The Red Katalam PvP instance will pit up to 2,000 players against one another in a massive siege at specific times. The objectives are simple: conquer garrisons and defeat raid monsters. Those who take part in this content will be rewarded with Battle Insignias for new PvP equipment as well as find materials in Red Katalam for magical crafting.

If you’re more the PvE player, there’s Beninerk’s Manor, a dungeon for up to 12 level 80 players who will face off against an “almost undefeatable enemy.” There’s also reward drops available in the Tower of Challenge along with adjustments to the Tower’s ranking list rewards, and players can also look forward to six new legendary transformations and one new ultimate transformation.

To celebrate the launch of 7.2, Aion EU is having a Windstream event from now until November 27th. Players who complete a series of specific PvP or PvE quests will net themselves some powerful new PvE or PvP armor. All of the 7.2 goodies are in the patch notes, which can be downloaded and read in PDF form.

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Matt Genaro

I just wish they had more affection for the game. Such a wasted potential.


> The objectives are simple: conquer garrisons and defeat raid monsters.

So – like Dark Age of Camelot? Actually it’s very interesting.

edit: eh, it’s GameForge game, disregard.


Gameforge handle the EU version, NCSoft are the orginal creators and owners.

Bruno Brito

Do they even have 2k EU players?