Sorry about the Red Dead Redemption 2 issues, please enjoy a new Apology Poncho

The poncho is really very sorry for the issues


If you were hoping that the extra wait for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC compared to its console launch would result in a polished and bug-free experience… well, no. That most decidedly did not happen. TheĀ opposite happened, in fact, so that Rockstar has already rolled out one patch to fix the game’s issues while fully expecting that more issues will have to be fixed in upcoming future patches. It turns out that it’s actually kind of a stuttering, crashing mess.

But all of that is all right because Rockstar has a secret weapon: theĀ Apology Poncho.

Yes, players are getting a poncho to apologize. No, it’s not a real poncho; it’s the in game Prieto Poncho (which Google Translate suggests is more “tight poncho” than “apology poncho” by sobriquet), alongside other provisions and ammunition. The care package is planned for everyone who plays this week and through the holiday season (or attempts to play, given the crashing issues), with more details promised in the near future. Sure, it might be awkward that the game keeps crashing or stuttering as you try to play, but at least you get your apology poncho, right?

The update is live, by the way; patch notes can be found right here, and yes, PC players are still reporting their version has problems even after the update.

Source: Twitter via Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun
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